STEM vs STEAM in Dubai

It seems that almost as soon as we started talking about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) and the importance of these in young people’s futures, someone shouts out, “Hey, what about Arts”. This is where STEAM came into existence. Apart from the catchy acronym, you might wonder - how does 'Art' fit juxtaposed with science, technology, engineering and maths?

Some might even ask the question, “Does art even belong there at all?” The answer to that isshutterstock_291530384.jpg a resounding YES. This may not be the obvious answer that comes to the minds of many as it sounds somewhat incongruous at first glance to have arts with science and math subjects; incongruous that is, until we think about what art brings to the mix.

Traditionally Art brings paintings, music, language, colour and creativity to what we do. Well, can we be truly innovative and design new technologies if we are not creative and imaginative? No way!

Here at STEM for Kids Dubai, Creativity is one of our 4C core skills which run through every program we offer. The other three are: Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking. We believe that it is not necessary to isolate creativity from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) because we strongly believe they are all interlinked. How could someone plan and design a skyscraper for Dubai without a lot of creativity, a strong understanding of civil engineering and the maths to confirm that the building will stand? So why should we insist that students learn in such a segmented manner? Hence, we creatively embed the essence of arts into everything we teach !

At STEM for Kids Dubai, we take a holistic approach to STEM and the 4 Cs, to make sure that learning is meaningful and memorable for children. Everyone can remember the teachers who made a difference in their lives, be it good or bad; we want to create a positive impact in our learners’ minds and lives. 

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