Pure Minds Academy has been on an incredible journey, collaborating with families and countless young minds, nurturing their potential through STEM and life skills programs.

We're thrilled to introduce a ground-breaking initiative - Pure Path, a comprehensive career assessment platform for those aged between 7 to 18.  

Pure Path consists of a range of online career assessments specific to critical age groups. As a parent, each assessment will help you and your child to:

  • Gain clarity on your child’s strengths and potential.
  • Obtain in-depth insights into suitable career paths for your child.
  • Receive recommendations for developing essential life skills and fostering a well-rounded, future-ready individual.

We understand the challenges that parents face when making key decisions about your child's future and many of these decisions are made without individualised data to help support any reasoning. 

Our assessments are a much needed resource to help fill this knowledge gap and help you to make better informed decisions for your child.

Guide Your Child's Career Journey Based On


Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles

Unlock the door to personalised learning experiences by understanding your child's unique intelligences and preferred learning styles through the VARK model.

Personality and Interests

Delve into your child's personality traits and interests, offering insights that guide them toward career paths aligning with their unique strengths and passions.


Identify the driving forces behind your child's vocational journey. This understanding enables personalised career guidance that aligns with their aspirations and keeps them motivated.


Abilities and Talents

Assess your child's numerical, verbal, and social abilities with the help of a holistic view of their talents. The results guide them in recognizing their strengths and areas for growth, forming the foundation for strategic career planning.

A Report Designed Just for Your Child

Designed for Students Aged 7 to 18

We work with countless families who are fully invested in the support of their child's education. 

But where should that investment of both time and money be spent?

Our career assessment tests are specifically designed to assist children as young as 7 years old in discovering the perfect career paths that align with their unique skills and interests. By pinpointing these paths, parents can effectively guide their child by providing support through relevant extracurricular activities and additional certifications that enhance their overall progression towards a successful future.

Four Different Personalised Assessments for:

Pure Path: 


(Ages 7-9)

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Pure Path:


 (Ages 10-12)

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Pure Path: 


(Ages 13-15)

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Pure Path:

Young Adults

(Ages 16-18)

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Expert Career Counselling

Pure Path goes beyond assessments. Our commitment to your child's success includes one-on-one sessions with a highly experienced career counsellor. Dive deeper into the insights gained from our assessments, and receive tailored advice on the best-suited career path for your child. We understand the importance of individuality, and our personalised sessions ensure that your child's unique strengths and aspirations are thoroughly understood. Let's chart a course to success together!

Informed Choices

Equip yourself with insights to make well-informed decisions about your child's education and future career.

Tailored Guidance

Receive personalised advice from experienced career counsellors, ensuring a path that aligns with your child's unique strengths and interests.

Early Talent Recognition

Identify and nurture your child's talents early on, providing a foundation for skill development and future success.

Confidence Building

Boost your child's confidence with a clear career direction, empowering them to pursue their goals with conviction.

Passion-Aligned Careers

Guide your child towards careers aligned with their passions, fostering long-term job satisfaction and professional success.

Optimized Learning Environment

Ensure your child's learning environment aligns with their strengths, creating a positive and engaging educational experience.

Getting Started: Register now for direct access to our platform

Starting is incredibly simple. All you have to do is fill out the registration and payment form on this page, and we will guide you to a personalised career platform tailored for your child.


What is Pure Path, and how does it differ from other career guidance assessments?

Pure Path is an advanced online career guidance assessment designed for students aged 7 to 18. It stands out by offering age-specific tests for 4 different groups, providing a tailored and comprehensive approach to career planning.

How can Pure Path benefit my child's career planning journey?

Pure Path offers personalised insights into a child's Personality, Interests, Learning Styles, Motivators, Abilities, and Talents . It empowers parents to guide their child effectively, supporting them through relevant extracurricular activities and certifications aligned with their unique skills and passions.

What age groups does Pure Path cater to, and how are the assessments designed for each group?

Pure Path caters to students aged 7-9 (Juniors), 10-12 (Tweens), 13-15 (Teens), and 16-18 (Young Adults). Each assessment is meticulously crafted to address the developmental stages and unique needs of each age group.

Can Pure Path assist in subject and elective choices for students aged 13-18?

Yes, for teenagers and young adults, Pure Path provides recommendations for elective choices and subject combinations based on their identified career clusters. This ensures a tailored educational path aligned with their career aspirations.

How does Pure Path assess personality traits and strengths for teenagers?

Pure Path utilises a sophisticated approach drawing insights from renowned personality theories such as Carl Jung, Myer's Brigg, and Big 5. By leveraging these well-established frameworks, the assessment unveils a comprehensive understanding of a teenager's personality traits and strengths, empowering them to navigate social and academic challenges, fostering personal and leadership growth.

Is Pure Path suitable for students who have already chosen their subject combinations?

Absolutely! For young adults aged 16-18, Pure Path seamlessly guides them to choose career paths aligned with their selected subject streams, whether in commerce, arts, mathematics, or biology fields.

What sets Pure Path apart in terms of learning style analysis?

Pure Path uses the renowned VARK model to analyse a child's learning style. It provides detailed descriptions and targeted improvement strategies, optimising their academic experience and fostering a lifelong love for learning.


About Pure Minds Academy

Empowering young minds since 2015, Pure Minds Academy pioneers STEM-based programs for ages 4-16. With 4,000+ successful graduates in the GCC region, our diverse offerings include NCFE accredited courses, Saturday STEM & Robotics, as well as our highly sought-after Winter, Spring, and Summer Camps.

In collaboration with industry leaders like Boeing and Mubadala, we drive educational excellence. Now, we’re adding to our catalogue — Pure Path, an instant career assessment and psychometric test—continuing our legacy of guiding young minds toward purposeful futures. Uncover your child's unique potential with Pure Path.