Term 3:  2022 Robotics, Coding & 3D Modelling Saturdays in Dubai

Saturday STEM camps are designed for children aged 4 to 14 through our programs at the Rove Hotel in Downtown Dubai and Studio One Hotel (near Arabian Ranches).

A 90 Minute Program Each Saturday for 10 weeks starting on 30 April 2022

Enjoy in-depth learning on emerging technologies such as 3D Modeling & Printing, Robotics, Coding, and Game Design with our line-up of various courses.

Each course ensures a gradual progression from basic to advanced projects through a period of 10 sessions. Children get to work on a new project every session with new educational topics:

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Saturday Programs - This Term's Schedule

Here is the schedule for this term's Saturdays program starting on 30 April 2022 for 10 Weeks

Little Explorers Program - Ages 4 to 6

10am to 11:30am & 12pm to 1:30pm

Rove Hotel Downtown & Studio One Hotel

Our Little Explorers program is perfect for inquisitive, younger children who enjoy hands-on activities and are intrigued by technology.  For this term, we have the following schedule of activities:

Little Explorers Program


Time & Location

Code Jungle:  Coding with Scratch Jr. & Kubo

10 Weeks

The little explorers learn the basics of coding with a combination of an introductory programming language, Scratch Jr. and Kubo, a small plug-and-play robot. Using the Kubo robot, children will be introduced to basic programming via a hands-on, screen-free puzzle system. With Scratch Jr., children will learn to create their own interactive games and stories. While you may think your child may be too young to learn coding, the hardware-software resources that we use, together with our curriculum design, makes it very easy for the little ones to understand concepts while having fun. Our qualified and experienced trainers ensure that children are engaged and understand the basics and core concepts of coding.

10am - 11:30am

Rove & Studio One

Playful Robotics:  Robotics with Spike Essential

10 Weeks


With the fun element of LEGO blocks and the interactive drag-and-drop coding feature of SPIKE software, the little ones will delve into the world of robotics. Children will be exposed to computer science and the design engineering process using everyday themes and storytelling techniques. Children will also develop their literacy and mathematical skills along with socio-emotional skills as they turn concepts into reality.

12pm - 1:30pm

Rove & Studio One

Junior Program - Ages 7 to 9

Develop your child’s engineering design and robotics skills as they investigate ways of defining problems, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes.

They'll refine their problem-solving skills as they create a solution to a problem that has constraints, and improve on others’ ideas. All while honing their ability to identify failure points and success criteria when comparing, modifying, and evaluating a solution. Your child will improve their communication skills as they engage in a range of collaborative discussions about their solutions.

This term we have 3 different options for our Junior students:  3D Modelling, Coding and Robotics


10am to 11:30am & 12pm to 1:30pm

Juniors STEM Programs


Time & Location

Coding Squad:

Coding with Scratch

10 Weeks

This course introduces children to basic programming and control technology concepts. It is taught through stand-alone lessons which increase with difficulty and complexity throughout the module. Throughout the series of lessons, students will learn the skills required to create projects or games that they will develop on their own at the end of each unit. This is a great platform where students can learn how to build practically anything they can dream of. Scratch helps young kids become programmers through easy activity packs and a great support system.

10am to 11:30am

Rove Hotel & Studio One Hotel

3D Modeling

10 Weeks

Today, 3D modeling is a new technology that boasts promising results. By partaking in specialized programs like our 3D Modeling course, children can create things that can be printed out with the help of 3D printers. In our 3D Modeling course, children will learn to manipulate basic 3D shapes, progress through trial and error, find solutions, work with precise measures, work inside a model, and polish a design, all of which will improve their visual spatial skills. They are encouraged to find novel solutions to building what they want, thereby strengthening their cognitive skills.

12pm to 1:30pm

Rove Downtown ONLY

Smart Robotics:  Robotics WeDo 2.0

10 Weeks

This course develops the children’s engineering design skills. Children are encouraged to explore new problem-solving techniques, find solutions, and test and refine prototypes. They will develop their problem-solving skills while finding solutions and building on the ideas of others. This course also develops their ability to identify strengths and weaknesses when comparing, altering and assessing solutions. Through collaborative talks on solutions, their communication skills will develop through engagement and discussion.

12pm to 1:30pm

Studio One Hotel ONLY


Advanced Program - Ages 10 to 14

10am to 11:30am and 12pm to 1:30pm

Advanced Robotics Program


Time & Location

Levelup Robotics:  Robotics with EV3

10 Weeks

Children will strengthen their design engineering skills and coding skills by solving complex real-world problems through creating robotic real-life machines. Students will integrate multiple subject skills as they analyze major global challenges, elaborate on qualitative and quantitative criteria and constraints, and break large problems down into smaller ones. Children will strengthen their communication skills as they present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically. The term concludes with three open-ended challenges which provide the chance to apply their newfound skills and acquired knowledge creatively.






10am to 11:30am 

Rove Downtown ONLY

The Python Lab: Python Programming

10 Weeks

Python is an open-source, general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. It’s great as an introductory programming language because it’s concise and easy to read. This course is a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. Students will explore variables and way of storing and utilizing information in lists, dictionaries and other arenas. Additionally, they will learn about conditional statements for data sorting, loops and user input through fun and engaging examples.






12pm to 1:30pm

Rove Downtown ONLY


Course Fees & Information

Students broaden their scientific, coding, design and engineering understanding through our hands on exciting robotics activities, learn the logic of computer programming through interactive software on touch screen laptops and get to grips with robotic technology.

Collaboration and Communication is at the heart of each STEM for Kids program!

We strongly believe that the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs will require an array of communication skills that are far more advanced than what many of us are used to today. Self confidence through public speaking used to be an important component of a classic education, and we are bringing that back. We therefore encourage each student to present their work to an audience of peers.


Our Teachers
Our experienced teachers have a wealth of experience in both teaching and STEM related learning and have been trained to US standards.


Fees:  Payment is for 10 weeks of the program - (90 minutes per week).

  • All Programs: AED 1,250 per child. 
  • 1 Week Trial Class: AED 150 per child

Please complete the form on this page to start the registration process.

Sibling Discount of 15% applies to 2nd child onwards


Social Distancing & Child Safety
We will be following the guidelines set by the authorities and the venue.  Each child will have a temperature check as they enter the hotel and again before entering the camp area.

Food and Refreshments:  Please provide your child with any food and refreshments they may require each day.  Food will not be provided by STEM for Kids and cannot be refrigerated.


Transportation:  Transportation is not provided by STEM for Kids


Registration and Payment:  Registration is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Full payment is required at the time of registration to secure your place.  All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.

Parent Testimonials

"The quality of teaching was very good and they clearly had a passion for teaching and contributing.  My daughter has attended many summer camps over the years and this is the only one that she enjoyed.  

I would happily recommend STEM for Kids programs to other parents!"

Aftab Jamil
Parent of Summer Camp student

Saturday Program Registration

Registration and Payment:  Registration is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Full payment is required at the time of registration to secure your place.  All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.
Cancellation Policy:  Free cancellation will be provided until 7 days of the start of your registered camp week.  Cancellations after this date will incur a 50% penalty.