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The UAE, and Dubai in particular, is all about innovation, vision, and entrepreneurialshutterstock_59722948.jpg spirit. Thanks to these characteristics, it has affixed itself so clearly on the world map and in people’s minds. It does not matter where you go in the world, you will meet people who have either been to Dubai or have some idea of it in their imagination.

Some think of the spectacular skyline that has risen over the past two decades; others think of the sheer immensity of the challenge of making all of this possible. This home to millions was once a desert and people from all over the world find themselves in awe, wondering about just how potable water is being made available for inhabitants, never mind the golf courses!

Sometimes you have to step back and pause just to reflect on the scale of the achievement.

And yet, we cannot stop singing praises about such substantial achievements. The pace of change is so fast and technology has been so transformational, that we need to be striving ever harder to ensure we prepare our young people for their future. It seems that where once the future was a ‘distant’ thing, it is now a much more immediate thing, and if we do not act now we may get left behind. This is not a new state of affairs, it has always been this way (as Douglas Adams tells us below); it’s just that it is happening much more quickly now and our children’s education needs to keep up.

The things that are normal and ordinary to our children are quite different to what was normal and ordinary when we were children. It is almost impossible to imagine what will be ordinary and what will be normal then. Most likely, there will be jobs in the future which do not even exist yet!


A vast part of this change is driven by the rate of acceleration in technology, especially computers. They double their capabilities almost every 12 months or so, and logically so too are the information technologies that use them. In this way, they are self-accelerating (the products of their own processes enable them to develop ever more rapidly). If we follow the Rule of Accelerating Returns, this ‘doubling period’ will only get shorter and faster.

It can all get a bit worrying! But there is no need for worry. Instead, we can support our children’s learning and development by providing them with a more comprehensive and holistic experience of STEM subjects. More importantly, making sure they have fun and enjoy when learning! It’s very exciting! Through our purpose-driven STEM projects, kids engage with activities, ideas and concepts critically and creatively while at the same time developing other essential skills such as effective communication and collaboration. STEM for Kids gives children the space to be curious and leads them to an understanding of principles through relevant and real-life activities (all of which is aligned to a strong educational framework).

To find out more and to register your child for: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Programming, contact us by filling the form on this page.

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