STEM for Kids ONLINE summer Activities 2020 - 50% off

Age Groups:  5 - 13 with a range of activities from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced allowing children clear progression as their confidence and capabilities increase.
The Program 
Developed by STEM for Kids and our partners at the Pure Minds Club, the STEM for Kids Animated Series provides children with a fun and engaging way to keep you children entertained this summer.  The program is designed to stimulate their creative minds while encouraging them to test and improve their creations using step-by-step videos that can be access on any type of device.
The STEM for Kids Animated Series is hosted on a Learning Management System that provides you with secure and exclusive access to a range of activities for children aged from 5 years old through to more advanced activities.
Here's a sample activity from our program:
Here are the key features of the STEM for Kids Learning Management System:
  • There are a number of activities for each age group.  
  • With adult supervision, children can work on any of the activities
  • A interactive quiz feature allows children to test what they've learned
  • Share your content!  It's important that children feel part of a community and can showcase their creations with peers.  
  • The platform is highly secure using best in class online security.
  • All logins and activity is recorded so that parents can be alerted to how their children are progressing.
Our animated activities cover the following parts of our curriculum:
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art & Design
  • Maths
Getting started with the STEM for Kids Animated Series:
Access is provided on a per-household basis.  It therefore doesn't matter how many children you have in your house, you pay just one price. 

Price for 1 Year Access:

$99 per year  Just $49 per year:  Ages 5-13:  30+ Hours of activities that are constantly being added to!
Risk-Free Offer
We're so confident that your child will love the STEM Online series that we're willing to offer you a no-questions-asked money back guarantee if within 24 hours of access, you send a email requesting for cancellation of your access. 
Payment:  Payment can be made by credit card only and all prices are exclusive of 5% VAT. 
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