Four STEM Essentials for Children in Dubai

child_engineer.jpgLearning is undoubtedly a quintessential activity for kids. Children’s minds know no boundaries and seek answers to everything unknown. While a certain subject may seem appealing to kids, the manner in which they are introduced to it initially is often a deciding factor about whether or not they will continue learning about the same subject.

For example, a hands on practical session on science, engineering and computer programming may end up fascinating more kids as compared to just presenting them with a bunch of books and other learning materials on the subject of interest. At STEM for Kids Dubai, we ensure that subjects conceived to be dull and uninteresting by many kids, are presented in a fun way to arouse interest in their minds about it.

While there are a range of subjects we cover, all of our teaching experience, in its entirety, is based on a single ideology that lays the foundations of becoming a successful professional amongst kids. The following are the four pillars around which the foundations of success are built among kids:

  • Collaboration:

This is a skill that becomes indisposable as an adult in the professional world. Irrespective of your child’s career choice, collaborating with others in order to achieve certain goals is a phenomena that will remain constant. All activities conducted at STEM for Kids will teach your child how to improve at working with others and performing better as a team.

  • Communication:

Once you have established a collaboration, effective communication skills assure that you convey exactly what you intend to, while eliminating any room for misconception of your message. As communication is a two way process, reading and listening skills are just as important as writing and speaking skills.

  • Critical Thinking:

Problem solving is another skill that children need to develop, so that with time, they can easily transcend into impactful professionals. Our activities are also aimed at developing their ability to look at things differently and see ways of improving on what has been done before. Streamlining their thought pattern in such a way helps them think critically and come up with appropriate solutions, quicker than those who haven’t intentionally made to practise critical thinking before.

  • Creativity

A child’s mind is more often than not a repository of creative thoughts. At STEM for Kids Dubai, we try to fuel their creative potential through assigning them tasks that are crafted for doing so at a subliminal level.

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