Business Camps for Kids in Dubai - The key skills budding entrepreneurs need to learn

As parents, you’re probably familiar with the statistic that 65% of children entering primary school will end up working in jobs that don’t currently exist. Whilst subsequent research suggests the percentage may be closer to a third, this figure demonstrates that the future of employment will look significantly different from how it does today.

The days of working in one industry, for one company, for one’s entire career are long gone. The likelihood is that during their working lives, your children will have a variety of roles, multiple career changes, and are likely to be working into their 80s.

So, how can parents prepare their children for a future so unlike their own?

Whilst the future world of employment may look different from what we are used to, there are several adaptable skills that are key to success in any workplace.

  • Self Confidence - Trust in your abilities, judgement, and capacity to overcome obstacles. Promote self-confidence in your child by being a good role model, let them make their own decisions, and allow them to learn from their experiences.
  • Resilience - The ability to overcome pain, failure, and disappointment, and achieve success. Everyone, no matter their background, will face adversity at some stage. Overcoming adversity is crucial to a rewarding career and life in general. Develop resilience in your child by encouraging them to express their emotions so that they can refocus their energy on their goals rather than their obstacles.
  • Problem solving - Critical thinking and the ability to solve difficult problems.
    Encouraging this skill in your child requires open communication. Ask them questions like ‘How do you see this working?’ Let them think through possible outcomes before they decide on a course of action.
  • Initiative - The ability to start and complete actions independently. Without initiative, creativity and problem solving are immaterial. Every business needs its leaders to take initiative and seize opportunities. Show your child what this looks like through your own behaviour, and point out why you decided to take initiative in a specific situation.
  • Innovation – Creating something new, unique, or different that adds value for users. This has been the business buzzword over the past few years - and for good reason. As the business landscape changes, creating new strategies is more important than ever for achieving success. No business can survive without innovative ideas. Encourage children by asking questions such as ‘How could this be made better?’

STEM For Kids has developed a business boot camp for 10 – 14 year-olds that focuses on the skills outlined above, with a special emphasis on promoting an entrepreneurial mind-set among young adults.

The 5-day course, which is hosted by our team of experienced business instructors, takes attendees through the process of starting a company, from identifying business opportunities, to developing a business plan and setting goals, to identifying the right market and potential investors, as well as product testing and financial analysis.

For more information about The Business Bootcamp for Kids’ Camp, get in touch with STEM For Kids at 

For more information on how you can enrol your child in other STEM summer camps in Dubai, click here

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