Getting Started with STEM & Robotics

Children have big imaginations, innate curiosity, and a desire to explore and take risks. Hands-on learning provides a medium for building ideas and models while practicing essential skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

At STEM for Kids, we have designed entirely hands-on and student-centred programs like our Robotics, STEM, Finance for Kids, and Entrepreneurship Program.  In addition to these, we also have new programs such as Game Design, Coding for Little Explorers and 3D Modelling & Design.


The Getting Started Workshops

Our Getting Started Workshops provide a unique opportunity to explore our most popular programs during a 1-day event held on Saturdays at the Rove Hotel in Downtown Dubai.


Getting Started Workshops - Schedule

Here is the schedule for this term's Getting Started Workshops

Develop your child’s engineering design skills as they investigate ways of defining problems, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes.

They'll refine their problem-solving skills as they create a solution to a problem that has constraints, and improve on others’ ideas. All while honing their ability to identify failure points and success criteria when comparing, modifying, and evaluating a solution. Your child will improve their communication skills as they engage in a range of collaborative discussions about their solutions.

Program & Age Group Description Workshop Date & Time Cost per Student

Getting Started with LEGO Early Machines

4 to 6 Year Olds

This program enables young children to behave as young scientists by providing them with tools and tasks that promote scientific inquiry.

Children are encouraged to pose ‘What if ...?’ questions. They make predictions, test the behaviour of their models, and then record and present their findings.

This program gives an ideal opportunity for young children to develop an understanding of science concepts through investigation and hands-on activities using gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles, and other LEGO elements. 

16th October

10am - 1pm

AED 350 including snacks

Getting Started with Game Design

7 - 9 Year Olds

Playing games is something that every child enjoys, but creating your own entertaining story takes gaming to the next level.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to share a self-made game with a group of friends and see who gets the best score? STEM for Kids Game Design is a coding program with a Scratch platform, a visual object-oriented, block-based programming language for children.

In this program, the children will learn from the basics of Scratch all the way to developing games of their own.

23rd October

10am - 1pm

AED 350 including snacks

Getting Started with Finance for Kids

9 - 14 Year Olds

With the UAE Government permitting juveniles from 15–18-year-olds to officially work and earn, it becomes even more critical to mould positive financial behaviours in children.

We believe that personal finance training should start young. STEM for Kids offers Finance for Kids that teaches early financial literacy concepts like making spending decisions, money responsibility, saving and investing, comparison shopping, bank services, credit cards, debit cards, stock exchange, debts, etc. 

30th October

10am - 2pm

AED 350 including lunch

Getting Started with Coding for Little Explorers

4 - 6 Year Olds

At STEM for Kids, we believe that introducing kids to programming in early elementary is the best age range because it plants a seed for later in life.

If kids are taught to think logically at a young age, it will help them understand programming concepts at a later stage easily, and the other skills gained through coding like cognitive, personal, social, and emotional development are invaluable.

Our Coding for Little Explorers program introduces coding to younger children using the platform ScratchJr.  Scratch Junior is an introductory programming language, a fun and fantastic way to introduce young children to programming and has a simpler interface than Scratch to reduce the complexity. In our coding program, the children will create their own animated stories and games. 

6th November

10am - 1pm

AED 350 including snacks

Getting Started with 3D Modelling and Design for Kids

7 - 9 Year Olds


With the 3D printing revolution in full swing and mounting evidence indicating the cognitive benefits of spatial training, we at STEM for Kids have developed a 3D modelling and design course to boost creativity and spatial intelligence. This is an entry-level course, ideal for elementary and middle school children.

This program offers an introduction to the fundamentals of 3D design, where children learn to use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create their designs.

They are introduced to a 3D printer and learn how to export their files to bring their designs to life.

13th November

10am - 1pm

AED 350 including snacks

Getting Started with Entrepreneurship for Kids

10 - 14 Year Olds

Many kids dream of starting their own businesses, but most don’t know where to start.

We’ll show you how to become a young entrepreneur, from coming up with a unique and interesting product or service to marketing a product, pitching the idea to seek investors, selling to customers, and making a profit.

The students work through the steps of starting their own micro-business while learning basic business terms and concepts.

20th November

10am - 2pm

AED 350 including lunch

Getting Started with STEM for Little Explorers

4 - 6 Year Olds

You must be thinking, “Isn’t STEM for older kids?” But our experience with pre-schoolers suggests otherwise. When engaged in activities that support STEM learning, young children can remain curious, focused, communicative, and active for over 45 minutes (or longer!).

What’s more, the children have a blast!

And all the while, they are learning STEM concepts and applying math to solve real-world problems. STEM activities support the development of math and science skills and provide opportunities to strengthen language skills.

Moreover, while each of the four STEM subjects deserves individual attention in school, the subjects are often discussed in terms of how they combine and connect with one another. When paired with another subject, such as language arts, STEM provides an even richer context in which to talk and think about math.

27th November

10am -1pm

AED 350 including snacks

Getting Started with STEM for Juniors

7 - 9 Year Olds

Our most popular program at STEM for Kids involves theme-based hands-on activities that incorporate science and math concepts relevant to the age group of 7-9-year-olds.

STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. It goes beyond school subjects, giving a skill set that governs the way we think and behave.

Merging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM education helps us solve today’s world’s challenges.

Our STEM Program encourages children to experiment with different materials, teamwork, problem-solve, adapt, apply knowledge, and foster creativity and ingenuity.

10th December

10am -  1pm

AED 350 including snacks


Workshop Fees & Information

Our Coaches
Our experienced teachers have a wealth of experience in both teaching and STEM related learning and have been trained to US standards.


Fees:  As one-off workshops, the fees per workshop is below.  Should you wish to register for more than 1 workshop, we have additional packages available.

  • Workshop fee:  AED 350 AED 250 [Special Promotion - Use Promo Code flash100] per student including snacks or lunch (for 4 hour workshops)
  • Packages:
    • 2 Workshops = Add AED 250
    • 3 Workshops = Add AED 475

Please scroll down to the form on this page to start the registration and payment process.


Social Distancing & Child Safety
We will be following the guidelines set by the authorities and the venue.  Each child will have a temperature check as they enter the hotel and again before entering the camp area.

Food and Refreshments:  Food will be provided, but should your child have any allergies, please alert our coaches upon arrival and provide your child with any food and refreshments they may require for that day. 


Transportation:  Transportation is not provided by STEM for Kids


Registration and Payment:  Registration is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Full payment is required at the time of registration to secure your place.  All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.

Parent Testimonials

"The quality of teaching was very good and they clearly had a passion for teaching and contributing.  My daughter has attended many summer camps over the years and this is the only one that she enjoyed.  

I would happily recommend STEM for Kids programs to other parents!"

Aftab Jamil
Parent of Summer Camp student

Workshop Registration

Registration & Payment

Registration and Payment:  Registration is strictly on a first come, first served basis.  Full payment is required at the time of registration to secure your place.  All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT.
Cancellation Policy:  Free cancellation will be provided until 7 days of the start of your registered camp week.  Cancellations after this date will incur a 50% penalty.