The best business bootcamp for kids in dubai aged 10 - 14

This summer, children (aged between 10 and 14) will have the opportunity to attend a brand new, fun-filled and rewarding summer camp in Dubai designed to encourage entrepreneurism in children.
The Business Bootcamp for Kids Summer Camp.
The Business Bootcamp is a week-long program designed to take our students through the journey of starting a new business, using a fully-hands on and practical set of tools and tactics!
Our Business Bootcamp Summer Camp will consist of fun group and individual activities to teach children the following skills:

Day 1- Sunday 

Identifying a business opportunity: what is Entrepreneurship and businesses. Start ups and business ideas.  How do business ideas go viral, and set trends? Difference between products and services. What are reasons people may choose to go into business, what do they get out of it. Explore trademarks and registering patents.  We then choose a business idea, choose logos, slogans,  and set objectives for the business, such as why do you want to start this particular business, what would you want to achieve, and get our of it.

Day 2- Monday 

Creating a business plan and conducting market research.  Setting timelines, organizing an organizational chart, partners and stakes.  Labor, costs, materials, packaging and equipment. Who is your target audience?  Where will you sell? How will you reach your market? We will look at all the aspects of creating our business plan.  Also set up market research and do an analysis. Finally, undertake a competitor analysis, to identify their strategy, and compare differences and similarities.

Day 3- Tuesday 

Financial Analysis, cost that are involved.  How much do you need to start off with, how much do you have to sell to cover costs.  Breaking even, and making a profit. Cost reductions- government initiatives and schemes to help businesses, incentives.  Issues and obstacles that may arise. Creating financial records, charts, projections and estimations.  Run a small promotional business as a dry run before they pitch their own ideas.

Day 4- Wednesday 

All about the product, testing, development, product promotion and marketing.  How will you promote your business? Viral market campaigns, celebrity endorsement. Create a questionnaire, ethics involved with it.  Obtain feedback and adapt to the response of the questionnaire. Design, create and post commercials, social media posts.  We will also have a guest speaker.

Day 5- Thursday 

Finalizing and Pitching your idea.  How do you find an investor? What are your offering to the investor in return for their input?  How does this affect your business? Are you still the main stake holder. We look at different companies and where shares have been offered, who has the most allocated, reasons and public sharing.  Present your business, find and investor and start trading.  Determine what you could have done better, or change next time.  Accept final constructive feedback from peers and colleagues. Offer feedback as well to other groups.  Guest speaker to wrap up the ideas of the day.

Our Instructors
Our experienced Business instructors have extensive experience in education. 
Rove Hotel, Trade Centre or Rove Hotel Downtown Dubai (to be confirmed in June)
This camp will be running in weeks 4 and 7, which are weeks beginning 28th July 2019 and 18th August 2019 respectively.
Business Bootcamp for Kids Camps are designed for 10 to 14 year olds.
Weekly Fees:
Camp Option Cost per week (AED)
Full Day (8:30am to 2:30pm)

AED 1,150

Sibling Discount:  STEM for Kids offers a fantastic discount of 20% for every additional child from your family!
Food and Refreshments:  Please provide your child with any food and refreshments they may require each day.  Food will not be provided by STEM for Kids.
Transportation:  Door to door transportation via a 3rd party provider can be provided for groups of 2 or more children, please specify if you require this on the registration form and our team will be in touch.
Payment:  Payment can be made in cash or cheque and is payable in advance of each class. If you would like to pay by credit card, please let us know. For additional Terms, Conditions and Policiesplease click here