Civil Engineering

Embark on a building mission!

Civil engineers design structures like buildings, bridges and dams. The tallest building in the world stands 2700 feet tall - that's over half a mile! How do civil engineers think and plan for such structures?

In this program, participants learn the science of building structures and take baby steps towards working like a civil engineer to design structures using simple materials. May the forces be with them on this awesome mission of close encounters with the “all fall down” gravity, thrilling balancing acts, bridging designs and the quest to make the tallest skyscraper!

Will their designs survive the mighty weight, wind and earthquake?

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Mechanical Engineering

Have fun with M&M - Motion and Machines!

One of the oldest and broad field of engineering, Mechanical deals with design and production of machine and tools. It fueled the industrial revolution and today mechanical engineers are pursuing developments in biomedics, nanotechnology, and mechatronics.

In this program, participants will venture into the land of mechanics. They will experience the epic battle between adventurous motion and halting friction. They will get cozy with inertia and explore the potential of energy in exciting series of hands-on / minds-on activities.

Make the Stop-it Droid, work with laziness, play the game of leap frog basketball and make a keepsake pair of wheels!

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Taste of Engineering

Engineering involves creating new technologies to solve real-world problems using math and science. Engineering is hands-on. So, children can “live” the math and science concepts and see their relevance in real-world applications. It fosters problem-solving skills through a structured approach that involves Planning, Creating, Testing and Improvising. In this sampler program, participants get a taste of different engineering fields including civil, mechanical, robotics and electrical.

Aerospace Engineering

Blast off into the engineering land of air and space!

The feats of mankind in the world of aerospace are nothing but awe-inspiring - the Beluga transporter, the supersonic jets, Armstrong's moon landing and the well-choreographed descent of Curisoity on Mars to name a few. As the next frontier of asteroid mining and space travel unravels, let's understand what it takes to get off the ground and fly.

This program delves into the foundations of aerospace technologies. Participants face off with powerful air; experience its drag and pressure; learn about laws of motion and how they impact flying things.

Participants create parachutes, design taternaut TM space suits, enjoy hands-on rocketry and make keepsake model planes.

Environmental Engineering

Get Green with ENVI!

Earth's environment makes life possible. Environmenal engineers focus on ways to sustain and improve the natural environment.

This program provide a hands-on exploration of our environment. Participants take a fresh look at air and water; fight the evil pollution; come face to face with the very special Carbon atom and his favorite friend Ms. Oxygen; work as environmental detectives to investigate the 3 Rs of green living - reduce, reuse and recycle.

Participants conduct experiments to understand the Greenhouse Effect, air and water pollution; witness water's vanishing color act!; make air catchers, a model greenhouse and an environmental souvenir.

Motion Commotion TM

Have fun with Motion!

This mini-workshop takes participants into the land of moving things. They experience the epic battle between inertia and motion. Move away inertia, as the hands on activities are sure to get everyone moving!