Computer programming 1

My First Programs!

This is an exciting introduction to computer programming for young kids in grades K-3. The curriculum is designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to computer creators. Participants learn the basics of creating using computers through drag-and-drop programming and apply it to create simple programs, animations and games.

Computer Programming II

An Introduction to Computer Coding

Participants learn the basics of computer coding and apply it to create simple programs, animations and games. Activities include drag-and-drop programming specifically designed to ease children into computer programming leading up to simple programming in a fun variation of BASIC language.

Game Making Lab TM I

Create your own computer games!

We experience computers and its digital creations every day. It is not enough to just know how to use a computer anymore: Creating and developing computational thinking and the ability to personalize & customize applications to solve your problems are needed skills too. With industry and academia pioneers, Microsoft and MIT, STEM For Kids brings the Game Making Lab. Participants work with the latest tools and learn to program and express their creativity as game, story and animations.

Website Design LabTM I

Weave your own web!

Millions of search queries are made online every minute! These searches lead us to various websites. Businesses, organizations, families and individuals develop websites to create their unique digital presence on the web. So, what does it take to create one?

In this beginner workshop, participants learn how to create a basic website from scratch.