Embark on a building mission!

Civil engineers design structures like buildings, bridges and dams. The tallest building in the world (Dubai's own Burj Khalifa) stands at 2,700 feet tall - that's over half a mile! How do civil engineers think and plan for such structures?

child_engineer.jpgIn this program, participants learn the science of building structures and take baby steps towards working like a civil engineer to design buildings and bridges using simple materials. A highly engaging and very exciting course, participants tackle the challenge of gravity, thrilling balancing acts, bridging designs and the quest to make the tallest skyscraper!

Will their designs survive the mighty weight, wind and earthquake?

The beginner’s program in Civil Engineering focuses on the study of forces and how it can be manipulated to better benefit everyday life.

In this program K-8 participants explore the fundamentals of forces, as well as the way civil engineers make use of it in building strong and stable structures.  If you want to learn more about this course, please complete the form on this page.