STEM for Schools:  After-School Activities and In-School Field Trips

STEM for Kids provides a number of after-school programs designed for children aged 5 to 11.

The programs available focus on the core STEM subjects and are designed to educate children in a fun and interactive way. STEM for Kids programs enrich and support learning in school.

A key focus of our work is in the promotion of the four C's:

  • Communication: Developing the skills to get your meaning across and to effectively listen to others
  • Collaboration: Working with others and performing better as a team or in pairs
  • Critical Thinking: Developing the ability to look at things differently and see ways of improving on what has been done before
  • Creativity: Using imagination to generate innovative and original ideas

After School Activities & Programs

The STEM for Kids after-school program can be customised for each school to help drive consistency and continuous learning.  However, our most popular offering is based on the below 4 day after-school programs that typically start straight after the normal school day:

We are currently partnering with schools for programs launching in 2022.  For more information, please contact us.


In-School Field Trips

In addition to our after school programs, we also offer In-School Field Trips and flexible programs that can be customised for every school.  

In-school field trips are where we bring the STEM experience to you! Now you can have hands-on STEM workshops, projects, and investigation with your students, at your location, during the school day. STEM workshops are designed and offered for specific grades and levels. Students extend their learning of science and math.

Educators, the curricula can also help you discover your inner child, have fun, and learn some new skills.

The in-school trips allow you to run on-site STEM programs without the hassle of managing students' registrations or long arduous bus journeys. We bring the instructors, lots of energy, and the materials, including computers and robots, to your site. 

Parent Testimonials

"The quality of teaching was very good and they clearly had a passion for teaching and contributing.  My daughter has attended many summer camps over the years and this is the only one that she enjoyed.  

I would happily recommend STEM for Kids programs to other parents!"

Aftab Jamil
Parent of Summer Camp student