Support your child's home learning in march 2020 with our stem for kids approved stem kits

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that parents would prefer that their children remain in the safe confounds of their home during the unscheduled 4 week break across the UAE.
To support this and to keep children engaged during this difficult time, STEM for Kids are happy to make their STEM for Kids approved activity kits available for families.  With every purchase, you also have the option of attending a Family STEM Workshop every Saturday during the March starting from 14th March.
STEM Kits - Options:
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Activity Kits include:

  • Gear Propeller Flying Machines
  • Blast-off Space Rocket
  • Super-duper Propulsion Car
  • Angle Wrangle Car Racing
  • Cannon Cattle Ranch
  • Knock 'Em Rock 'Em Kubbs
  • Stop Drop Gravity Transporter
  • Hop and Slide Slope Racing
  • Roller Coaster Marble Slide
Each STEM Kit is re-useable and has multi-level activities allowing you to challenge your child to take the next step.
Saturday Family Workshops:
For every purchase of the STEM Kits, you and your family will be welcome to attend a Saturday Family Workshop where your children can bring their creations and work with you and our team to expand their learning.
Saturday workshops will run from 14th March at Rove Downtown Hotel from 10am to 12:30pm.
Payment:  Payment can be made in bank transfer or credit card or cheque and is payable in advance of products being shipped.  Shipping within Dubai only.  For other Emirates an additional surcharge will be applicable.
All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT. 
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